BlogThe condition requirements of proxy IP in crawler collection

The condition requirements of proxy IP in crawler collection

2023-08-01 10:57:18

When carrying out website crawling, IP is often restricted or blocked, in order to solve this problem, many individuals and enterprises will choose to use proxy IP. However, not all proxy IP is suitable for crawler collection, so there are several conditions to be aware of when choosing a proxy IP:

1. Large scale of IP pool:

Crawler users and replenishment business users often have a huge demand for IP numbers and may need to acquire millions of non-duplicate IP addresses per day. In crawler acquisition, the size of IP pool is directly related to the ability to meet business requirements and obtain reliable data.

First of all, for crawler users, they need a large number of IP addresses to visit the target website and get the required data from it. Since most websites restrict frequent requests, such as IP blocking, verification code verification, etc., it is necessary to change IP addresses frequently to avoid being identified as crawlers and suffer restrictions. If the IP pool size is not large enough, crawler users are likely to encounter the problem of IP exhaustion, resulting in the inability to continue to visit the target website, which affects the data collection work.

On the other hand, supplementary service users also have high requirements for the size of the IP pool. Replenishment services usually require a large number of proxy IP for activities such as brushing orders and brushing volumes to achieve certain business objectives. In the replenishment business, you need to ensure that each request uses a different IP address to avoid being identified and restricted by the website. If the IP address pool is not large enough, the same IP address is frequently used, which is identified by the target website as an abnormal request. As a result, the IP address is blocked and cannot be used to collect public data.

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Therefore, in order to ensure the efficient operation and reliability of crawler collection, the IP pool must be large enough to meet the demand of millions of unduplicated ips per day. When building an IP pool, you can consider several ways to obtain proxy IP, such as purchasing commercial proxy services, using free proxy IP websites, and building your own proxy IP. At the same time, to improve the IP pool quality, you can also select proxy IP addresses with high anonymity and stable availability to ensure that the proxy IP addresses can be used for a long time and avoid the impact of frequent IP address changes. By building a large and high-quality IP pool, crawler users and complementary business users can better meet their business needs, smoothly conduct data acquisition, and ensure access to reliable public data.

2. Stability:

For enterprise users, time is money. Therefore, a stable proxy IP connection is very important. If the proxy IP is often disconnected or the connection is unstable, it will seriously affect the efficiency and success rate of the crawler, and even lead to business interruption.

3. High concurrency:

Because crawler collection usually has a large demand for IP, it needs to support high concurrency operations, that is, multiple requests are made at the same time. The proxy IP should have high concurrent processing capability to ensure that a large number of simultaneous requests can be met.

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4. Comprehensive coverage of the city:

Many services have regional requirements, requiring proxy IP to cover most cities, and each city has enough IP resources. This ensures that the crawler can obtain data in various regions and meet the business needs of different regions.

5, high hiding:

High secrecy of proxy IP is a basic requirement. A paid proxy IP that is not highly anonymous may be recognized as a proxy IP by the website, thus restricting or blocking access. Highly anonymous proxy IP can better protect the user's real IP address, improve the success rate and security of the crawler.

6. Real IP:

Agents with real IP are generally more efficient and successful. This is because some websites may have special restrictions or anti-crawling policies for requests from proxy servers, and real IP can avoid these problems and improve the efficiency and success rate of crawling.

In summary, the proxy IP suitable for crawler collection needs to have large-scale IP pool, stable connection, high concurrency, comprehensive city coverage, high hiding and real IP and other conditions. When selecting a proxy IP provider, it is important to carefully examine whether it meets the above conditions to ensure that the crawler collection work can be carried out smoothly and achieve the expected results.

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