BlogWhat are some ways to protect web crawlers from being restricted?

What are some ways to protect web crawlers from being restricted?

2023-07-31 13:06:01

At present, crawlers have become the most mainstream way to obtain Internet data. However, in order to ensure the smooth collection of data by crawlers, it is necessary to prevent the anti-crawler mechanism of the website and reduce the risk of IP being restricted. Only in this way can the efficiency of the crawler work be improved. So, what should be done to prevent web crawlers from being restricted? Here are some effective methods:

1. Highly anonymous proxy

A highly anonymous proxy is a special type of proxy IP that is able to completely hide a user's real IP address and masquerade it as another IP address for access. This makes it impossible for the target website server to detect that you are using a proxy IP, effectively avoiding the risk of being identified and restricted by anti-crawler mechanisms.

Choosing a highly anonymous proxy has obvious advantages over other types of proxy IP addresses. Other types of Proxy IP may carry identifying information in the request header, such as the "proxy-authorization" field, or contain HTTP header fields such as "proxy-connection", which may be detected by the website server, exposing the real IP address. However, the highly anonymous proxy does not contain such identification information, making the request look more like the request of an ordinary user, thus improving the invisibility and security of the proxy.

By using a highly anonymous proxy, the crawler can access the target website more stably and avoid the situation of being restricted or blocked by the website. This is important for long-term, stable data acquisition. If a crawler uses a normal agent or an unoptimized agent, it can easily be detected by the website and restrict access, resulting in failed or inefficient data collection tasks.

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In addition, it is critical to choose a high quality anonymous agent. Excellent highly anonymous proxy service providers usually provide stable and reliable proxy IP addresses to avoid frequent proxy IP changes or invalidation. The use of stable and highly anonymous proxies can not only protect the crawler from being restricted, but also improve the efficiency of the crawler and the quality of data acquisition.

2. Multi-thread collection

In a large number of data acquisition tasks, the use of multi-thread concurrent acquisition can effectively execute multiple tasks at the same time, each thread is responsible for collecting different content, thus greatly improving the speed and efficiency of data acquisition.

Through multi-thread concurrent acquisition, the crawler can make full use of the multi-core processing power of the computer and assign different tasks to different threads for processing. In this way, different threads can run at the same time, and data collection and processing can be carried out at the same time, without waiting for completion one by one, which greatly reduces the total time of the collection task. Especially when dealing with large-scale data, multi-threaded acquisition can significantly improve the efficiency of the crawler and shorten the data acquisition cycle.

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In addition to improving efficiency, multi-threaded harvesting reduces the risk of crawlers being restricted or blocked by the target site. During data collection, the crawler will frequently send requests to the target website, which may cause a certain burden on the target website server, especially when the collection frequency is too high. If single-thread collection is used, its access frequency is relatively high, and it is easy for the website to detect abnormal behavior and take anti-crawling measures. The multi-threaded acquisition can disperse the access frequency in multiple threads, reduce the access frequency of a single thread, reduce the pressure on the target website, and thus reduce the probability of being restricted.

3, time interval access

It is very important to set reasonable time intervals. In the collection task, the first thing to know is the maximum frequency of visits allowed by the target website. Approaching or reaching the maximum access frequency may cause the IP to be restricted, making it impossible to continue collecting data. Therefore, it is necessary to set a reasonable interval for efficient collection while avoiding blocking access to public data.

In summary, the methods to protect web crawlers from being restricted mainly include the use of highly anonymous proxies, the use of multi-threaded concurrent collection to improve efficiency, and the setting of reasonable time intervals to avoid the risk of being restricted. Through the reasonable application of these methods, the crawler can obtain the required data more smoothly, while reducing the possibility of being restricted by the website, to ensure the stable operation of the crawler.

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