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Why can't I access the website when I use a proxy IP

2023-08-04 10:26:21

Proxy IP can provide users with more convenience and anonymity when visiting a website, but sometimes users may encounter problems that they cannot access the target website after using a proxy IP. This may result in users not being able to complete the required business requirements, causing problems for users. When using a proxy IP, you may not be able to access your website for a variety of reasons. Here are some common reasons why a proxy IP cannot access a website:

1, licensing failure: High-quality proxy IP service providers often set up access control mechanisms to ensure that only authorized users can use the proxy services they provide. This control is usually achieved through whitelisting, which means that IP addresses that are allowed to access are whitelisted and other unauthorized IP addresses are denied access.

2, proxy IP anonymity is not enough: proxy IP can be divided into open transparent proxy and high anonymity proxy according to the different anonymity. Open and transparent proxy is less anonymous, and it is easy to be identified by the target site as the real IP, so it is limited. Choosing a highly anonymous proxy IP address can better protect the security of the real IP address, which is not easy to be discovered and restricted by the target website. In order to avoid license failure, users should carefully read the regulations and requirements of the proxy service provider before using the proxy IP, and apply and set up according to its instructions. Usually, registering and getting authorized is a simple process, but it is a necessary step to use a proxy IP.

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In addition, users should also periodically check the authorization status of the proxy IP to ensure that the authorization has not expired or been revoked. Some proxy service providers change the whitelist periodically. Users need to update their authorization information in time to avoid access failures.

3, the extraction IP is not used in time: After obtaining the proxy IP, the survival time of the proxy IP is not timed from the beginning of use, but from the moment the API extracts the proxy IP. This means that if the user obtains the proxy IP but does not use it immediately, and waits until the proxy IP's lifetime expires to visit the target website, the connection will not be successful because the proxy IP has expired. To avoid problems caused by untimely use of the extracted IP, users should start using the proxy IP as soon as possible after obtaining it. If you need to make some preparations, you can do so before obtaining the proxy IP address. Otherwise, the effective use of the proxy IP address may be affected. In addition, for long-term data collection tasks, you can periodically refresh the proxy IP address to ensure the validity of the proxy IP address. In addition, when using the proxy IP address, users should pay attention to the lifetime of the proxy IP address to ensure that the proxy IP address is not invalid before use. Some proxy service providers provide the validity period information of the proxy IP address. Users can arrange tasks and use the proxy IP address according to this information.

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4, single proxy IP access: The use of proxy IP should follow a certain frequency and rules, can not be too high frequency to visit the same target website. If a proxy IP is visited too frequently by multiple users of the same website, the target website may restrict or block the proxy IP, thus preventing users from continuing to access the website or completing data collection tasks. This is especially the case when the carrier proxy IP pool is small and shared by multiple people. In conclusion, although proxy IP can provide users with a certain degree of convenience and anonymity, it is necessary to pay attention to these common reasons when using it to ensure smooth access to the target website. For users who need to use proxy IP addresses frequently, you are advised to choose a highly anonymous proxy and follow the rules to obtain a better experience. At the same time, you can also choose a stable and reliable agent service provider to ensure the smooth progress of data collection and access.

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