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What are the benefits of choosing an agent to crawl

2023-08-02 13:13:21

In the process of network data crawling, proxy server plays a crucial role. The proxy server sits between the user's device and the Internet, acting as a middleman. When using a proxy, users cannot access the Internet directly, but send Web requests to the target server through the proxy server, so as to achieve data fetching. A proxy server is not the only way to crawl network data, but it is considered the most reliable method due to the many benefits it brings. In this article, we'll explore some of the benefits of using proxies for scraping.

1. Reliability

Reliability is a significant advantage of using proxies for data scraping. Web crawlers need to send frequent requests when grabbing data, but many websites limit how often they can send requests to the same IP address to avoid overburdening the server. This restriction may result in some data not being fully accessible, or crawlers being blocked or prevented from accessing the site.

However, by using proxy pools, you can easily bypass these limitations and improve the reliability of fetching data. A proxy pool is a pool of multiple proxy IP addresses, and when your crawler sends a request, it can randomly select an IP address from the proxy pool to send the request. In this way, your request will be sent to a different IP address, making it difficult for the website to recognize your crawler. This method is called IP rotation, and it allows your crawler to make requests from multiple IP addresses, circumventing the site's frequency limits.

In addition, using a proxy pool ensures that your crawlers have continuous access to public data. If an IP address is blocked from the site, you can simply switch to another IP address in the proxy pool without interrupting the data scraping process. In this way, your crawlers can continue to operate for a longer period of time, improving the success and reliability of data fetching.

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In addition to IP rotation, proxies can provide other forms of concealment, such as hiding your real User-Agent so that websites cannot easily identify your crawlers. This is also important to protect the identity and privacy of the crawler.

2. Access geographically centric data

Many websites display content in different ways depending on the actual location or device type of the visitor, which is a common marketing or sales strategy. By using a proxy server, you can allow access to public data and change the location of the IP address, enabling geographically centric data access.

On the one hand, with a proxy server, you can simulate access from different regions, making your request look like it came from users all over the world. This way, you can easily grab public data from different geographic locations. For example, some websites may offer unique services or information to users in a particular region, and by using a proxy, you can make the website think that you are from a particular region and thus obtain this exclusive data.

On the other hand, for application scenarios that require global data, using a proxy server can help you achieve public data fetching from all over the world. Websites in different regions may have different content and data. By changing the location of the IP address, you can obtain data from different regions, so as to achieve global data collection.

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This geocentric data access is important for market research, competitor analysis, positioning advantages, and product promotion. By using a proxy server, you can easily switch IP addresses, making your data collection work more flexible and efficient.

3. Increase data acquisition

Some sites detect suspicious crawling activity, such as frequent, continuous requests, or crawlers that don't behave like real users. In this case, your crawler may be banned from the site. Using a proxy server makes it easy to implement unlimited concurrent sessions to one or more websites that are not easily detected, thus increasing the amount of data obtained.

4. Enhance security

A proxy server provides an extra layer of security and anonymity to your device by protecting your real IP address, thereby preventing attackers from accessing your device directly. This is especially important for applications where privacy and data security are required.

In summary, there are many benefits to using proxies for data scraping, including reliability, access to geographically centric data, increased access to data, and enhanced security. When it comes to data scraping, the proper use of proxy servers will make your crawlers more efficient and stable, as well as more private and secure. Choosing the right proxy service provider and high-quality proxy server will bring twice the result with half the effort for your data collection work.

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