BlogWhat are the advantages of exclusive representation?

What are the advantages of exclusive representation?

2023-08-03 10:50:45

In today's Internet era, proxy IP services have become an indispensable tool for many companies or individuals in network data acquisition and access. There are different types of proxy IP for different purposes, among which exclusive proxy IP is a special service. Compared to general proxy IP, exclusive proxy IP has many unique advantages, let's take a look at what its main advantages are:

1, faster speed:

Exclusive proxy IP is unique in that it only serves a single customer, unlike ordinary proxy IP, which can be used by multiple users at the same time, resulting in the sharing of bandwidth and resources. This exclusivity allows users to get faster access when browsing the web, downloading materials, etc.

In traditional shared proxy IP, multiple users share limited bandwidth and resources, which means that each user only gets a portion of the resources allocated to them, and therefore may experience a significant slowdown when accessing web pages or downloading files. Especially in the peak period or when there are a large number of users at the same time, the bandwidth will be more limited, affecting the overall access speed.

Why use an HTTPS proxy

However, exclusive proxy IP is different in that it is served to a single user. This means that users can enjoy all the bandwidth and resources without sharing them with other users, so they can get faster speeds when accessing web pages, downloading files, and so on. Users are no longer affected by other users' use of proxy IP addresses, and their speed does not decrease due to bandwidth usage by other users.

For those users who have high requirements for access speed, exclusive proxy IP is a very ideal choice. In particular, speed is a very important factor in large-scale data acquisition, crawling tasks, or businesses that require frequent access to web pages. The exclusive proxy IP addresses can ensure that users can obtain stable and fast access experience under high load and high concurrency.

2. Stronger security:

When users use exclusive proxy IP, they have the privilege of a unique proxy IP, which provides them with higher security. In contrast, general proxy IP, especially free proxy IP, is often blocked or invalid due to the large number of users and long use time. This kind of sharing makes the stability and security of general proxy IP low.

Because exclusive proxy IP is used by only one user, its usage history and access behavior are relatively independent of other users, which makes it difficult for target websites to classify it as crawler behavior, thus reducing the risk of being blocked. In contrast, shared proxy IP, because it is used by multiple users, often produces a large number of similar access behaviors in a short period of time, which may be identified by the target website as crawler behavior, resulting in the IP being blocked, thus affecting the user's data collection and access activities.

Precautions When using proxy IP addresses

The security advantage of exclusive proxy IP addresses is that they are relatively less affected by blacklists. General proxy IP may be blacklisted by many websites, thus limiting users' access to these websites. Because only one user uses the exclusive proxy IP, it is not easy to be blacklisted by multiple websites at the same time, which reduces the risk of being banned, and ensures the stability and reliability of user data collection and access.

3, higher reliability:

When a common proxy IP address is used, it may suddenly fail at a critical moment, which interrupts or affects the ongoing task. Exclusive proxy IP has few such pitfalls because it is only available to one user and is not affected by other users. Users can use exclusive proxy IP for data acquisition and access with greater confidence because of its higher reliability.

To sum up, the exclusive proxy IP has obvious advantages such as faster speed, stronger security, and higher reliability. Although the price of exclusive proxy IP is relatively high, its performance and results are quite excellent, and for those demanding data acquisition and access tasks, exclusive proxy IP is a good value for money. For those users who have high requirements for access speed, security and stability, exclusive proxy IP is undoubtedly the best choice.

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