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Why should crawlers use highly anonymous proxies

2023-08-01 11:00:41

In crawler work, the use of highly anonymous proxies is very important. IP proxy is mainly divided into three types: transparent proxy, anonymous proxy and high secret proxy. These are the types that crawlers most often hear when they hear IP proxies. For the reptilian, the use of a high anonymous proxy is crucial, let's understand why the crawler should use a high anonymous proxy.

1. High Anonymous proxy: The server doesn't know you're using HTTP

High anonymous proxy means that the proxy server does not carry any proxy identifier in the request when forwarding the client request, and the server cannot determine whether the request is through the proxy. From the server's point of view, it's as if a real client browser is accessing it, and the server doesn't recognize it as a proxy request. This way, the real IP address of the client is protected and the server does not think we are using a proxy. The concealment and security of this agent are very high, which is suitable for use in crawling work.

2, anonymous proxy: The server knows that you use the IP proxy, but does not know your real information

Anonymous proxy means that when forwarding a client request, the proxy server carries the proxy identifier in the request. The server knows that this is a proxy request, but it cannot obtain the real IP address and other real information of the client. While the server knows that a proxy is used, it knows nothing about the true identity and information of the client. This proxy can protect the privacy of the client to some extent, but some websites can still detect the use of a proxy.

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3, transparent proxy: The server knows that you use the IP proxy, and transmits the local information

Transparent proxy means that when the proxy server forwards a client request, the client does not need to know the existence of the proxy server, but the proxy carries the real IP address and other real information of the client in the request. Transparent proxies are not suitable for situations where real client information needs to be protected, because the server can obtain the real IP address of the client.

Why choose a highly anonymous proxy?

In crawler work, choosing a highly anonymous agent is crucial because it offers a number of important advantages to crawlers, helping to improve work efficiency and safeguard privacy and security.

First of all, highly anonymous proxy can effectively protect the privacy and identity security of the client. During crawling work, the client's real IP address and other sensitive information may be exposed on the visited website. Such a situation could lead to privacy disclosure and identity tracking, posing security risks. The highly anonymous proxy hides the real IP address and other information of the client, so that the server cannot judge whether the request is from the proxy, so as to protect the privacy and identity of the user.

Second, highly anonymous proxies provide concealment and security. By hiding the presence of the proxy, the highly anonymous proxy makes it impossible for the server to recognize whether the crawler request has passed through the proxy. This can reduce the risk of being blocked or restricted by the website and ensure the smooth progress of the crawler work. At the same time, the high anonymity agent will not change the request information of the client, maintain the original nature of the request, and ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the crawler work.

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In addition, highly anonymous proxies typically provide larger IP pools with a large number of non-duplicate IP addresses. This means that crawlers can easily switch IP and avoid using the same IP frequently, reducing the risk of being banned. At the same time, the IP quality provided by highly anonymous proxies is generally more stable, which can provide faster and more reliable connections, thus improving the efficiency and quality of work of the crawler.

Finally, highly anonymous agents generally provide better customer service. During the process of using the agent, you may encounter some problems or need technical support. Highly anonymous agents usually provide 24/7 technical support and immediate response, ensuring a smooth and convenient process for users to use the agent.

In summary, the use of highly anonymous proxies is an important choice for reptilians. It protects the privacy and identity security of the client, ensures the concealment and security of the crawler's work, and improves the efficiency and work quality of the crawler. When choosing a proxy, it is important to give priority to a highly anonymous proxy for the best crawler working experience.

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