BlogWhat are the solutions to the frequent disconnection of proxy IP addresses?

What are the solutions to the frequent disconnection of proxy IP addresses?

2023-07-31 13:10:02

When using proxy IP, many users often experience frequent dropped calls. This can be caused by a variety of reasons, such as connection protocols, network stability, or even domestic network interference. When users face such problems, they can use the following common solutions:

1. Replace other connection protocols

Different proxy IP network protocols have different anti-interference capabilities. For example, PPTP is the network protocol most likely to drop out because of its fast connection speed and wide application, but its poor anti-interference ability. L2TP is relatively better and has strong penetration, but it may still drop the line. SSTP is a network protocol with the strongest anti-loss capability and can penetrate a variety of networks. Try to use this protocol to connect.

2. Replace the line

The problem may not only be caused by the network environment, the stability of the server itself may also be a contributing factor. Servers can suffer from heavy load or line interference, which can cause frequent disconnections. In this case, users can try to replace several relatively stable lines with low online rates, thus significantly reducing the drop rate.

3, choose a high-quality IP agent service provider

In the current IP proxy service market, due to the large number of suppliers, the quality is uneven, users need to be very careful when choosing the right IP proxy service provider. High-quality IP proxy service providers are key to solving the problem of frequent proxy IP outages, because they can provide stable connections and high-quality proxy IP resources. Here are some tips for choosing a quality IP proxy service provider:

User reviews and word of mouth: Looking for user reviews and word of mouth can help understand the service quality and reliability of the agent service provider. Through online communities, forums or review platforms, learn about other users' experience and feedback, so as to choose a reputable service provider.

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Testing and trial: Quality IP proxy providers often provide testing and trial opportunities through which users can experience their services for free. During the trial period, you can test the connection stability and speed of the proxy IP to determine whether it meets your needs.

Service support: It is also important to understand the customer support services of the agent. A good customer support team can respond to users' questions and needs in a timely manner and provide professional solutions.

Price and service selection: When choosing an IP agent service provider, not only the price factor should be considered, but also the quality and coverage of the service should be considered comprehensively. Some service providers may offer low prices, but the quality of service is not satisfactory. Therefore, users should choose more cost-effective service providers.

Learn about proxy resources: Ask the proxy service provider about proxy resources, such as IP source, update frequency, and geographic location. This information is very helpful for users to choose the right proxy IP resources.

Review the Service Agreement: Read the agency Service Agreement carefully to understand its provisions and restrictions. Some service providers may have restrictions on how, how often, and where to visit, and users need to make sure these rules are tailored to their needs.

4. Optimize or replace the local network environment

While the stability and quality of the proxy IP service provider is critical to connection stability, problems in the local network environment can also lead to frequent proxy IP drop-offs. To ensure the stability and quality of the connection, users can optimize or replace the local network environment by:

Turn off firewall and security software: Sometimes, firewalls and security software on the local computer can interfere with the connection of the proxy IP, resulting in frequent disconnections. Before connecting to the IP proxy, you can temporarily turn off the firewall and security software on your local computer to ensure that the connection goes smoothly.

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Restart the router to obtain a new IP address: The local network environment may have IP address conflicts or other problems, resulting in unstable connections to proxy IP addresses. In this case, you can try to restart the router to get a new IP address, which can sometimes solve the problem of connection error codes and frequent dropped calls.

Use a wired connection: To ensure a stable connection, it is recommended to use a wired network connection rather than a Wi-Fi connection. Wired connections are generally more stable and reliable than wireless connections, which can reduce the probability of dropping calls.

Optimize network Settings: You can adjust local network Settings and optimize network bandwidth allocation and QoS Settings to ensure that proxy IP connections are fully supported, thereby improving connection stability.

By adopting these solutions, users can significantly improve the frequency of proxy IP drops, improve connection stability and efficiency, and thus make better use of proxy IP services.

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