Refund Policy


This document delineates the Refund Policy for Omegaproxy, a service offered by Jozeal Network Technology Co., Limited. Clients are urged to meticulously review this policy before engaging in Omegaproxy's services, which can be accessed at

Dispute Resolution

Any disputes stemming from customer access to Omegaproxy's services or the utilization of the system will be addressed according to the subsequent resolution procedures:

Clients experiencing challenges with the system are encouraged to reach out to Omegaproxy's customer support via email at Customer support is readily available to assist with inquiries related to refunds, cancellations, or chargebacks. It is pertinent to note that, for security reasons, all customer support interactions are logged.

Intangible Nature of Products provides intangible and irrevocable items. Once an order is placed, and the product is dispatched, refunds will not be issued. Clients are responsible for comprehending this condition when making purchases on the website.

Refundable Situations

Refunds will not be granted for paid services that do not align with the product's features. All payments are considered final. Omegaproxy is dedicated to assisting clients experiencing issues with the proxy or software.

Non-refundable Activities

Refunds are not applicable in the following situations:

1.Incomplete or inconsistent data provided by the customer during the registration process.

2.Customer accounts frozen or suspended due to illegal activities.

3.Violation of customer obligations regarding acceptable use of the system or service, as defined in the Terms of Use.

4.Customer begins transmitting or receiving data through the system upon purchasing the bundle through the customer dashboard.

5.Service quality provided complies with conditions specified in the service level agreement.

6.The purchased plan package has expired.

7.Connection quality and speed limitations subject to the capabilities of third parties beyond Omegaproxy's control. Omegaproxy does not guarantee the quality of Internet connections provided by third-party Internet service providers. Any issues related to connection speed parameters are considered non-refundable.

8.Rejection of client-side software. Omegaproxy is not responsible for the compatibility of client software with the system, as clients may use third-party or proprietary software to access or use the system.

About Return Shipping

As offers an intangible product with no associated shipping charges, requests for shipping refunds are not applicable.

Effective Date: January 1, 2022

Company: Jozeal Network Technology Co., Limited