Omegaproxy Privacy Policy

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We value our users' privacy and security.When you use our services, we may collect and use your related information.We hope that this Privacy Policy will better help you understand how omegaproxy ("The Company" or "We") collects, uses, and stores this information.We try to briefly express the relevant technical terms involved in this privacy policy and provide further instructions for your understanding.By using or continuing to use our Services, you agree that we will collect, use, store, and share your relevant information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.You can contact us for any questions, comments or suggestions regarding this Privacy Policy or related matters.

1. Information collection

We collect your personal information primarily to make the easier and more satisfactory use of the omegaproxy service for you and other users.omegaproxy Services aims to provide a secure, interesting and instructive Internet experience for all Internet users, and this information will help us achieve that. The data we collect depends on your interaction with us.We may collect, store, and use the following information about you when providing our services.If you do not provide the relevant information, you may not be able to enjoy some of the services we provide, or you may not be able to achieve the results.Personal information that we may usually collect includes:name, email address, phone number, and IP address omegaproxy may receive and collect your personal information in many different ways. These may include:
1.1 Your Letter When you send us an email or other message, you may provide your personal information, contact information and other personal information in the email.
1.2 Customer Service Support When you call or send us an email to seek technical help or understand our products, you may provide us with personal information.
1.3 Product Registration When registering an "omegaproxy" account, the system will ask you to provide information so that we can record you as the owner of the "omegaproxy" account to help us provide services and information for you.

2. Scope of use

omegaproxy may use your personal information for the following purposes:
2.1 Product registration
The information you provide at registration will be used to create your omegaproxy account and will also assist omegaproxy to support you when you contact omegaproxy customer service.You provide information, including your cell phone number, email address, and creating your account, user name, and password.In some individual services, if you only need to use basic functions such as browsing and searching, you can also fill in or supplement your additional information (such as your nickname, avatar, gender, birthplace, occupation, education, education, date, etc.), interests and hobbies) during registration, login or subsequent use, this will help us to use this information to inform you of any upgrade, new products, promotions, or other information you may be interested in.
2.2 Product use
omegaproxy may use the information collected during the product usage to:periodically verify your access to the product or services;before sending you notification of new product / feature upgrades, confirm whether you are using earlier product / features or will help you use omegaproxy;and receive internal product messages that you request from omegaproxy.
2.3 Internal analysis
We may use the information you provide us for internal statistics and analysis to evaluate and enhance your experience with the omegaproxy website and agents, including determining your preferences and activities related to operations and development.In order to provide you with services, improve product performance and appearance, and recommend new features / products by creating accounts, identifying users, answering queries and e-mail, omegaproxy will not require you to provide personal information (including but not limited to your mobile phone number, email address, etc.), but other information is collected (including but not limited to device information log information and other similar feature records).The Omegaproxy User Experience Improvement Plan is a plan to diagnose system problems and optimize the product experience based on the statistics of usage data.We will use tools like cnzz to count the data you generate while using {and} products.In the User Experience Improvement Program, we will only accumulate the overall usage data of all users, and will not include or upload any content involving your personally identifiable information.omegaproxy may combine the information you submit through your own account with other cutting edge services or third party information to provide you with a better experience and improve the quality of service.We will only accumulate overall usage data for all users and will not contain or upload any content concerning your personally identifiable information.omegaproxy may combine the information you submit through your own account with other cutting edge services or third party information to provide you with a better experience and improve the quality of service.We will only accumulate overall usage data for all users and will not contain or upload any content concerning your personally identifiable information.omegaproxy may combine the information you submit through your own account with other cutting edge services or third party information to provide you with a better experience and improve the quality of service.

3. Anti-abuse of automatic information collection

Since omegaproxy can hide its real IP address, most users use this feature for legitimate purposes.However, a small number of users may use the feature for improper purposes, and "omegaproxy" will automatically record and receive your usage records, only for illegal use and abuse, and not for other purposes.Use records include:
(1) date and time
(2) connection status
(3) User's original IP address and port number
(4) protocol type
(5) Client agent version number
(6) Web page URL record, cookie and other information you request.

4. Share information with third parties

Unless otherwise specified in sections 4 and 5, " omegaproxy will not share any personal information with third parties without your consent. We promise not to share data with any third-party services and will not be used for commercial purposes.The data only concerns the security of the user account, the stability of the proxy service and whether the user found exceptions in our proxy server.omegaproxy will collect and use your information in strict accordance with relevant laws and regulations and this Privacy Policy.Name} will not be asked by omegaproxy for personal information directly from you unless you have a mandated omegaproxy.In this case, you can contact omegaproxy directly.

5. Legal disclosure

We will do our best to protect the privacy of users, but when we have reason to believe that only the disclosure of personal information can comply with current judicial procedures, court orders or other legal procedures, or protect their rights, property or security, we will disclose your personal information if: (1) we may publicly disclose your personal information upon your express consent or your own choice; (2) based on laws, regulations, legal procedures, litigation, or mandatory requirements of government authorities. (3) On the premise of complying with laws and regulations, when we receive the above information disclosure request, we will require the recipient to issue the corresponding legal documents, such as summons or letter of investigation.We firmly believe that the information we are asked to provide should be as transparent as possible by law.We have carefully reviewed all requests to ensure that they have legal grounds and are limited to data that law enforcement agencies are entitled to obtain for specific investigative purposes. To the extent permitted by laws and regulations, we may exchange information with other companies and organizations to comply with the law and protect us and our affiliates or partners, you or other omegaproxy users or social public interests, property or security from damage, such as to prevent fraud and reduce credit risk.However, this does not include the sale, lease, sharing or otherwise disclosed information for profit in violation of the commitments made in this policy.

6. Cookies

We might use cookie on the "omegaproxy" website.With cookies, we can automatically access and use the data entry feature of our website during customized promotions or marketing campaigns, or associate the online ordering information for your purchase activities.In addition, we can track the usage of our website through cookie to determine which features are useful or popular and what can't help us effectively improve and update our services.Most web browsers will remind you to use cookie, or refuse to accept cookie at all.You can accept or reject the cookie by modifying the browser settings.But please note that if you disable cookies or similar technology, we may not be able to give you the best service experience and interactive features using the site.

7. Protect your information security and measures

We minimize the use of third party services to reduce your privacy leakage and do our best to ensure that the third party service providers we use have a trusted security system to protect user data. When you use the omegaproxy product, we will encrypt and transmit all of your access information to ensure its security and reliability.omegaproxy All communications are HTTPS encrypted, and the user password is one-way encryption.Everyone, including omegaproxy employees, cannot get a user password.However, please understand that due to technical restrictions and possible malicious means, the Internet industry cannot always guarantee 100% information security, even if we try our best to strengthen security measures. You need to know that the systems and communication networks you use to access our services may have problems due to factors we have beyond our control. You should take attention to protect your personal information.For example, do not share your account or reveal your personal password. Internet environments are not 100% secure.We will do our best to ensure or guarantee the security of the personal information you send to us.

8. Filtering and deletion of harmful information

omegaproxy prohibit users from using products or services to publish all harmful information, Including:
(1) violating the basic principles defined in the Chinese constitution;
(2) endangering national security, To divulge state secrets, Subvert the state power, Undermining national unity;
(3) harming the honour and interests of the state, Attacking the party and the government;
(4) inciting ethnic hatred or ethnic discrimination;Undermining ethnic unity;
(5) destroying the friendly relations between the state and the region;
(6) violating the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, social ethics, ethics and socialist spiritual and ethical civilization;
(7) damaging the religious policies of the state;Promoting evil cults and feudal superstition;
(8) spreading rumors or false information, disturb the social order, Undermining social stability;
(9) inciting, organizing or abetting terrorist activities, Illegal assembly, association, procession, demonstrations, or gathering of people to disturb public order;
(10) spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, terror or abetting crimes;
(11) insulting or slandering others, Araching upon the lawful rights and interests of others;
(12) infringing upon the right of portrait, name, reputation, privacy or other person;
(13) using uncivilized language such as abuse, abuse, slander, intimidation, curse;
(14) conducting activities in the name of illegal civil organization;
(15) infringing upon the lawful rights and interests of copyright and information network dissemination;
(16) containing other contents prohibited by laws and administrative regulations. If the user fails to fulfill and comply with the terms of the agreement in "omegaproxy", omegaproxy has the right to close the account of the user who violates the agreement and reserves the right to pursue the legal liability of the parties according to law.In addition, "omegaproxy" shall not be liable for breach of contract or other legal liabilities for users who violate this Agreement."" omegaproxy "has the right to deal with the illegal contents according to this Agreement and does not constitute the obligation or commitment of" omegaproxy "." omegaproxy " cannot guarantee the timely discovery of illegal acts or corresponding treatment.

9. Permission statement

Network rights:application function need to request network permission.
Call rights:convenient users to contact the official customer service.
Check WiFi status permission:check WiFi and network connection, in order to recommend the best line.
Mobile phone record read permission:applied to device binding, to avoid user malicious collect.
Modify and delete SD card permission:need to transfer the user account and password to the device.
Prevent mobile phone hibernation rights:avoid application service interruption caused by mobile phone hibernation.
Interrupt vibrator permission:application status update prompt user information.
Using VPN permission:used for application of domestic line switching function.

10. Protection of minors

We recommend that any minor participate in online activities with the prior consent of his parents or other guardians (hereinafter referred to as "guardians").We will protect the relevant information of minors in accordance with the relevant national laws and regulations.Our website, content, applications or services are not suitable for anyone under the age of 14 ("children").Minors over the age of 14 and under 18 should read this Privacy Policy under the guidance of their parents or guardians and complete the use of the relevant services with the consent of their parents or guardians.We do not deliberately collect identifying information about people under 14.If you think your child has provided us with information, please go through our email address or telegram customer service immediately, and we can delete the child's information.

11. Changes to the privacy policy

As the omegaproxy business evolves, in order to provide you with better services, we may from time to time modify the content of this Privacy Policy, which forms part of the Privacy Policy.If such changes result in a significant reduction in your rights under this Privacy Policy, we will notify you by proxy announcements, prominent location reminders, or email to you before the changes take effect.In this case, if you continue to use our services, you agree to be subject to the revised Privacy Policy.

12. contact us

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions on our privacy policy and how we handle your information, you can contact us through the official website.