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Omegaproxy Setup Tutorial

2023-08-07 10:55:13

Omegaproxy Setup Tutorial


Set the number of ports you need

Settings > Port Number > Used

1.Set the required number of ports in "Settings"


Filter by country/region/postcode

1. Select the Country you want in "Country"

2. Select the region you want in "City"

3. In "Zip" select the Zip code you want


Obtaining the Proxy IP Address

Start Proxy > Select an proxy > Right mouse button > Forward Port To Proxy > 40000/40001...

1. Click on "Start Proxy"

2. Select a proxy from the list and right-click.

3. Select "Forward Port To Proxy" and select a Port such as 30000 from the drop-down list

4. After selecting the port, the proxy starts running

After the above, you can see the detailed proxy parameters in the "Port Forward List"

Example Set fixed port forwarding


① Set 30000 port in a proxy IP.

② Enter the IP as the local proxy address when using it. My local proxy address is, and the port is the 30000 port set in the proxy IP.

Example Set multi-port forwardingOpen multiple fingerprint browsers to use


① Set 30000/30001/30002/30003... port in multiple proxy IPs.

② When using, enter the IP is the local proxy address, my local proxy address is, and the port is 30000 or 30001 or 30002 or 30003...