2023-08-07 16:43:16

Step 1:

Download and install NoxPlayer

Step 2:

Add proxy settings

1. After selecting the country, continent, and city, click the "Refresh" button, and then right-click to select the proxy IP and port

2.Then click the port forwarding list below and copy the port number you just selected

3.Open the settings page of NoxPlayer, open and install the bridge driver

4. Install and open Postern software in NoxPlayer

5. Click "Add Proxy"

6. Fill in the server name, address, port

7. Click "Server Type" and select "SOCKS5"

8. Click "Save"

9. Click on "Rules"

10. Click "Add Rule"

11. Matching method selects Match All, rule selects Proxy/Tunnel, Proxy/Proxy group selects the proxy just set,and finally click "Save"