2023-08-07 15:08:56


Step 1:

Add proxy settings

1. After selecting the country, continent, and city, click the "Refresh" button, and then right-click to select the proxy IP and port

2.Then click the "Port Forwarding List" below and copy the port number you just selected

Step 2:

Find the network proxy Settings

Settings > WLAN > wireless network

1. Open your Android phone settings

2. Click "Connect", and then click "WI-FI"

3. Press and hold the name of the wireless LAN you are connecting to

Step 3:

Set up and use a proxy server

Manage Network Settings > Display advanced options > Manual > address and port > Save

1. Select Manage Network Settings

2. Click "how Advanced Options"

3. The proxy server is set to: Manual

4. Fill in the local proxy address and port

5. Click "Save"

The proxy succeeds after the previous steps are complete