Help Center User Guide Proxifier Proxy Settings with Omegaproxy

Proxifier Proxy Settings with Omegaproxy

2023-07-10 13:47:46

Step 1:

Register and login

Click your avatar to enter the dashboard

Click Get proxies

Log in to the client account

Select the country and city in proxylist and click Start Proxy

Select an IP proxy and right-click connect

Click todaylist to see the IP proxy information

Click the port Forward List to find the corresponding IP proxy, and record the IP address and port on the left as backup

Step 2:

Download and install Proxifier

Step 3:

Open proxy add settings

Open Proxifier > Profile > Proxy Server

1. Find the Profile in the top directory

2. Find the Proxy Server in the subdirectory of Profile and open it

Step 4:

Add proxy settings

Proxy Server > Add > Address > Port > Protocol=SOCKS Version 5 > OK

1. Open Proxy Server settings

2. Select Add to add proxy

3. Enter the local proxy port and ip address, and select the socks5 protocol

4. Click OK to save the settings

After the above steps are completed, you can run the program you need to proxy