Help Center User Guide Morelogin Settingswith omegaproxy

Morelogin Settingswith omegaproxy

2023-07-10 13:42:24

Step 1:

Register and login

Click your avatar to enter the dashboard

Click Get proxies

Log in to the client account

Select the country and city in proxylist and click Start Proxy

Select an IP proxy and right-click connect

Click todaylist to see the IP proxy information

Click the port Forward List to find the corresponding IP proxy, and record the IP address and port on the left as backup

Step 2:

1. Download and install Morelogin


2. Let's go to MoreLogin app and click on the “New Browser Profile” button to create a new profile.

3. Click "Advance setting".Select "Socks5" for the proxy type.

4. Enter the proxy host, proxy port, proxy account, proxy password, etc., and then click "proxy detection". After "Test passed" is displayed, click "OK".

5. Click "Start".

6. The IP address you obtained will be displayed on the launched browser.